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Looking At Fire Making Bushcraft Skills

There’s no question that the term “bushcraft” covers a wide array of various skills but few are as important as the ability to make fire without matches. When stuck in the wild, fire can be the crucial difference between life and death. Body temperature is a crucial indicator of health, especially in a survival situation, and keeping warm is absolutely crucial to fight off exhaustion, hypothermia, and even the possibility of death from extreme cases of both.

Preparation Is Key

Bushcraft and fire go hand in hand, and a major part of that is preparation. To get a fire going you not only need to choose a method but have the proper fire starter material like dry bark shavings, the interior of a cattail, birch bark, hay, and other fast and easy combustibles, then that needs to be followed up with strong kindling, slightly larger fuel, and finally the larger pieces that can keep the flames going.

You don’t want to be scrambling to find these materials after you get a good spark going, which is why preparing the fire space includes making sure you have plenty of each kind of fuel before you start working on even the first sparks.

Learn from an expert, learn from YouTube videos, and learn from experience by practicing at campsites before heading out into the wild, and you won’t be sorry.

Many Different Options

When it comes to bushcraft and fire skills, there are actually many different options available. From bow and drill to flint and steel, to lenses and light, there are many different ways to get the early sparks needed to create fire, and someone who wants to master the art of bushcraft needs to know several of them. By studying this crucial skill you will be well on your way to bushcraft mastery.

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