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Creating Shelter Bushcraft Style

Bushcraft is a general term for a truly amazing array of wilderness skills that go from temporary survival all the way up to being able to make a homestead and survive in the wild. One major part of bushcraft is the ability to build a shelter. Whether it is a temporary one that drastically increases your chances of survival or setting up a semi-permanent or permanent camp via canvas tent setup or cabin, these are some of the things you need to learn.

Bushcraft Survival Shelters

There are several common types of shelters for survival situations out in the wild, and the right one for you can vary a lot depending on what your specific needs are. A basic lean to is one common option, while a good A-frame is definitely a step up and a great option for a few days. In swamps or areas where you really want to be off the ground, a raised bed might be the solution you’re looking for.

Each of these is based around similar concepts, and use the natural materials in the environment to create a shelter that is going to work for your specific needs.

Learn to make each of these:
– Lean to shelters
– “A-frame” shelters
– Raised beds
– Snow cave
– Debris hut/shelter

Bushcraft Long-Term Shelters

Long term shelters are for setting up a long term camp. Some people like doing this with a large canvas tent in the woods, but this requires a raised floor made of wood, a wood burning stove for heat when it’s colder (and in some environments it just won’t be viable), and a plan for a latrine as well as an off the grid power source if you want any ability to run electronics.

Then again, a traditional cabin is a classic way to go, but once again you need to know how to actually build them for maximum positive effect. Doing so can give you the ability to truly love and stay in your favorite patch of the outdoors.

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