Helping someone is a great way to approach every day in your life. For us, it is something we look at every day. “How can I positively affect at least one person’s life today?” That is the mantra that brought Juggernaut Tips and Ideas to life.

Over the last several years outdoor adventure events have begun to show up everywhere. It provides a lot of fun and creative ways to get outside and exercise, provide memorable experiences for friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. It has also given the opportunity to have a group like us organize an experience to help a great compassion that affects one in four people. We partnered with many organizations because they are very near and dear to us and we want to live by the mantra “How can we positively affect at least one person’s life today?” We take on that burden. We do, however, provide a great platform for people to get together and provide a challenge, build great memories and support the defeat of the any Juggernaut of modern life. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact  us.

Why the Juggernaut?  We named this adventure experience the Juggernaut because we want to help everyone defeat the Juggernaut of modern life by helping to find great ideas and local programs that will finally put an end to rush of everyday life.